About Us

Formed on the 13th of July, 2017, we are a new small family-owned business called Sunburst Apps, and we are passionate about creating mobile apps that make people smile. Our tagline, or if you like slogan, "Unlock the Adventure", was born out of the creation of our first game, Match 3 Medieval, which features levels represented by locks on wooden signposts.

New small family-owned organizations, like ours, can’t succeed on their own. It takes the assistance of many great people. In recognition of those who have sacrificed time to help us, we have created an official recognition page, containing the current names of individuals and organizations that have helped our little Sunburst Apps family. The downloadable and printable recognition documents are as follows; Sunburst Apps Beta Testing Gurus & Sunburst Apps Advocate Heroes.

President & Programming Director Eldwin

The president rarely leaves his desk, even after fifteen straight hours of hard labor, but such is the life of a working cat.

Art Director Snowflake

The Art Director is so allusive, that we haven't been able to take her picture, so for now her assistant's photo will have to do.

Security Director Buttercup

The Security Director never allows anyone to sneak in or out of the business without notifying everyone of their presence, but this time we got the drop on her, and she was busted for looking up free organic dog treats during an unauthorized break.

Portfolio of Games

We have additional games in developement while working on updates and additions to our current Match 3 Medieval game.

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  • Match 3 Medieval
  • Future Game
Match 3 Medieval

Available on Google Play and Apple App store.

Future Game

More games are in developement!

You might be a 'Game Developer' if...

People don't always have an opportunity to smile each day, so we decided to have a bit of fun in this area. If you have a good, clean, “You might be a Game Developer if...”, please send it over to us, and we might post it on Facebook, Twitter, and even our website. Also, if you feel up to the challenge, see if you or a friend can name all of the game systems that the game controllers belong to (the answers are hidden on this page).

You might be a 'Game Developer' if

once you finish your work day, you think to yourself, 'level complete!'.

You might be a 'Game Developer' if

you cut your steak with a Lord of the Rings letter opener.

You might be a 'Game Developer' if

you ask someone if they use Java, and don't want to know if they're over medicated on caffine.

You might be a 'Game Developer' if

when at a bounce house, you play Mario 8-bit game sounds in your head.

You might be a 'Game Developer' if

you hum an epic tune in your head while eating your favorite meal.

You might be a 'Game Developer' if

when your friend is talking sports at lunch and says “This is Unreal! We need Unity in our team”, and your response is, “don't we already use that?”.